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Wilmington and Northern Branch

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Related Links

Here are some links to various Model Railroading, Reading and related subjects. If you notice any broken links, let me know.

Model Railroad Manufacturers

BC Models - 1800's and pre-WWI rolling stock kits. A must for the early rail modeler.

Bethlehem Car Works - Eastern road passenger car kits.

Bowser Trains - Model railcars and engines.

Eastern Car Works - Cars and railcar trucks. Need Taylor trucks, passenger car trucks for BCW kits, birdsboro trucks?

MDC/Roundhouse - Model railcars and locomotives

The Model Railroad Industry Assoc. A good place to find web sites for manufacturers of model products.

Tony's Train Exchange - DCC systems and decoders

Model Railroad and Historical Organizations

Friends of the East Broad Top - Historical society for the famous narrow guage EBT.

The National Model Railroad Association

The Reading Company Technical and Historical Society

Other Neat Links

Terraserver - aerial photos and topo maps, a great resource for layout design!