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Wilmington and Northern Branch

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Resin Casting
This is an overall look at the casting process.  A collection of some of my tools and the various castings that go into making a HO railroad car.


Here are 3 underframe castings and a cast resin boxcar.  The 36 ft underframe on the left is a replacement for MDC cast metal underframes.  I use it in MDC boxcars and reefers so I can use the stock cast metal underframe in flatcars and gons.  The shorter casting in the center is for a Bachmann 34 ft car.  The stock underframe is a crude toy train quality.  the underframe on the right is a 34 ft underframe for the P&R clas XMe boxcar shown on the right.  The castings are different colors depending on the resin.  The 36 ft underframe is Bragdon resin, the Bachman replacement underframe is Hobby Silicone and the tan casting is Alumilite.



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